Revisioning Psychotherapy was created by Dr. Mark Rider and Dr. Lynn Heselton and introduced with the publication of Revisioning: Mirror Neuron Based Psychotherapy for Grief and Trauma (2016). Research was conducted by Dr. Heselton and Dr. Rider in conjunction with Sierra Tucson Treatment Center (Seymour, J., Drachman, C., Guilfoyle, S., Seek, T., Vose, S.) and presented to the World Psychiatric Association Conference in March, 2021.

Revisioning Therapy utilizes drawings or photos, a Mirror, and guided mental imagery to activate the Mirror Neuron Network (MNN) and promote whole-brain connections. The MNN is the empathy and connecting bridge of the brain. The activation of the MNN can enhance empathy and understanding of one's self and others, which accelerates the healing process. Guided mental imagery, primed by the MNN, mends psychological and neurological networks that became severed or stunted in growth due to trauma. Revisioning is a gentle, enjoyable, rapid and profoundly impactful treatment for very complex psychological problems. Revisioning is an effective therapy for Prolonged Grief, childhood-onset trauma, and adult-onset trauma. This treatment is an effective solution for complex trauma with all levels of dissociation, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.